Yoga and meditation

Find your peace

Rita’s Tango founder Rita Caldas is also a certified yoga instructor.

Your body is your most valuable feature. Yoga will help you to avoid your core and relaxation, so you do not harm while dancing. It will help you improve your balance and the length of your muscles makes your every move elegant.

Yoga helps everyone (dancers and non-dancers) to improve their balance, elasticity, resistance and dissociation. It tons all the muscles, works the articulations and tons the internal organs keeping a permanent interaction between body and mind. It helps to connect breathing and movement. It calms down our mind and activates our body.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Torsgatan 8A (Flamenco Center).

Bring your own yoga mat! 


Course # classes duration Regular Drop-in Premium Card
Yoga 10 1:00 1 800 SEK 250 SEK 1 400 SEK