Technique for followers


We seek it here, we seek it there, we dancers seek it everywhere. Is it in Bottom? – Is it in the spine, sir? That damned, elusive posture

We apologize after the fact for ruining that epic phrase from The Scarlet Pimpernel, but we needed to get your attention.

Our dance can be even more delightful when we feel stable and relaxed. During the Tango technique classes for followers we will do exercises to find our axis, to improve and refine our balance and posture as well as our core strength which will allow us to have a better connection with our partner. We will also work our feet, articulations, free leg and also how to be an active follower. Body awareness is the key.

Location: Fridhemsgatan 28, 100 29 Stockholm, Sweden (Danscompagniet)

Time: Tuesdays from 18:30h to 19:30h

Dates: From 15th January  until 5th March (1st term)
From 12th March until 16th April (2nd term)
From 7th May until 11th June (3rd term)

Note: There won’t be classes between the 14th February until the 4th March and between the 18th April until 6th May.


Course # Classes duration Regular Premium Card
Tango technique 6 1:00 1 500 SEK 1 350 SEK