Tango Amor

Dance the world better


Ernesto Garzón

In 2005, after an extended visit to his native capital Buenos Aires, Ernesto founded Tangazo Tangovirma. Since then, he has “danced the world better” by supporting an ecological project in Buenos Aires, a playground in Rio de Janeiro, a children’s home in Nairobi and a refugee children in Stockholm. Ernesto’s passion is communication. He works as a market manager, with research and publishing, at Stockholmia. Since 2012, Ernesto teaches with Lilly. In 2013 Tangazo became Tango Amor. Ernesto’s dance is described as a tango salón nuevo characterized by dynamics, playfulness and musicality.



Lilly Unkic

Lilly was born in Bosnia and has danced everything from ballet to jazz, which was her introduction to the dance world. In 2009 Lilly found tango, by way of salsa, in Uppsala. Since 2012 she teaches with Ernesto and together they run the tango club Milonga Tango Amor at the popular dance venue Chicago in Södermalm in Stockholm. Lilly also works as an teacher at Jensen Education where she teaches English and psychology. Lilly’s dance is expressive, stylish and musically emotional.



Beatriz Roson

Beatriz Roson is from Spain and came to Sweden to research in biomedicine at Karolinska institute. Her tangolife began in 2008 when she moved abroad and searched for social activities. In the Argentine Tango she found the intimate combination of dance and human touch.

The love of Tango’s embrace, the elegance of the tango triumph and the commitment to analyse every move made Beatriz start teaching tango, which she did since 2013. Since 2017 she teaches at Tango Amor. Beatriz describes himself as an expressive musical social milonguera.